Maori Point Vineyard

The Rake Pinot Noir (330mL)


Please meet our debonair and slightly devilish small bottle of Pinot Noir. Each 330mL bottle of this brashly confident young Pinot Noir arrives in style, with the sophistication of fine oak barrels and oh so suave tannins. We wonder: has the Gold Digger met her match?

Fear not, this is true, Māori Point handcrafted Pinot Noir. The grapes are harvested by hand from our vineyard, fermented by wild yeasts then aged in oak barrels at our winery beside the vineyard. We then bottle it in beer bottles (because it's the perfect amount of Pinot Noir when you don't want a full bottle) and release it early, as a sneak preview of the "big brother" 750mL bottles that will be released in about 3 years...  


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